Time to Tame the Garden

Bulldog Maintenance can help by providing comprehensive garden clean up,
landscaping maintenance, and lawn care services for residential and
commercial customers within Kilkenny and surrounding areas.

Spring Garden Clean Up

Just as you do spring cleaning inside the home, Spring is a good time to take
a stock of your garden.

Bulldog Maintenance can provide you with a wide array of
clean up services in order to get your garden ready for the summer
growing season, such as:

• Removing the debris left by winter
• Raking dead leaves and twigs
• Pruning and trimming of shrubs
• Cleaning out garden beds
• Overseeding the lawn
• Mulching tree and flower beds with bark
• Fertilizing
• Applying weed control treatments


Fall Garden Clean Up

Having a garden clean up done in the fall can help prepare your lawn and garden to go dormant during
the cold upcoming winter months. Although fall is the time when the grass and other plants are
preparing for hibernation for the coming winter, you still need to stay on top of things so that by the
time spring comes around, you will have a garden that is in full bloom, fully hydrated, and free from
disease. Here are some of the clean up services we can perform during the fall:

• Removing fallen leaves
• Removing perennial weeds
• Cutting back flowers and plants
• Pruning and trimming of shrubs
• Aerating the lawn
• Mowing the grass shorter
• Overseeding the lawn
• Fertilizing