Are you considering getting your roof cleaned?

At Bulldog Maintenance we specialise in roof cleaning using low pressure softwash system. Our softwash chemicals are fully approved by HSE, Irish Pesticide Control and are guaranteed to give a great results!

Step 1 90% of the biofilm is gently scraped by hand, broken or loose tiles are either fixed or replaced

Step 2 Gutters are emptied and downpipes checked for blockage

Step 3 Your roof is prepared, now we can apply our softwash biocide using a telescopic pole & brush or xjet

Step 4 We make sure we are leaving your property clean and there is no mess left behind us


The softwash biocide will kill all the remaining moss, lichen and algae on your roof and stops it from coming back for minimum 5 years. The cleaning process can sometimes take up to one year for a heavy infested roofs although you start notice a change in between 4 – 8 weeks time.



For all clients that are looking to sell the property or just want to get the roof cleaned fast, we recommend steam cleaning!


Don’t get it confused with power washing! By using a lot of heat we are able to turn the pressure down and wash your roof safely wether its a natural or man made slate, tiled, new or 30+ years old roof! Instant results and 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Steam is our preferred method of cleaning as it has never let us down and our customers are always happy with the finish product. Once your roof is cleaned, we will apply the biocide chemical that will keep your roof nice and clean for many years to come.


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