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Are you looking for an affordable and professional window cleaning service in Kilkenny with long lasting results? Bulldog Maintenance offers just that for both domestic and commercial properties in Kilkenny city and the surrounding areas. Your glass panes will sparkle thanks to our expert service.

Washing your windows inside and out is not only tedious and time-consuming but can be dangerous if cleaning upper story windows. This is where the professional service from Bulldog Maintenance will come in handy.

We are insured and equipped with the latest cleaning equipment. Your windows will be cleaned with a water fed pole and purified water, this specially treated water removes limescale and other mineral particles to ensure that your windows dry spot free. We don’t use any harsh chemicals or ladders in the process, therefore there is no risk of damage to your property.

Reclaim your free time while we take the pane out of cleaning your windows. Save your time, efforts and money – call us now!

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